Title: Lured & Set Free: Change in Christ Jesus

題目: 受引誘與得釋放: 在基督裡的改變

Main Verse: James 1:2-5, 12-15 – (Focus vv13-15)

經文: 雅各書 1:2-5, 12-15 – (重點 vv13-15)

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I. What’s Really Wrong with Us?


The wrong diagnosis leads to the wrong prescription.


Our self-help culture says: The problem is outside of you, it’s not your fault, but you can change it through self-help; you’re the solution.

我們以自助為本的文化說: 問題不在你, 是外在因素造成的, 但你可以經由自己的努力改變外在環境; 你自己就是問題的答案.

The Bible says, your biggest problem is completely your fault but you can’t possibly change on your own.  The problem is not out there to be overcome but inside to be surrendered to Christ.

聖經說, 你最大的問題都是己的問題, 並且你沒有辦法靠自己來改變.  問題不是靠著外面試圖去克服的, 而是藉由裡面向著基督的降服才得以解決.


Sin is primarily _________________________________________________.

罪主要就是 _________________________________________________.


II. The Lure of Idols – Mapping & Eradicating

偶像的引誘標出 & 革除

An idol is _________________________________________________.

偶像就是 _________________________________________________.



Two main questions:



1) To what idols is my heart most attracted? 

1) 是什麼偶像最吸引我的心?


2) What are they falsely promising me?

2) 他們給我哪些虛謊的應許



James 1:13-15 maps out the path:

雅各書 1:13-15 指出這個過程:


Tempted (attraction) -> Lured (deception) -> Enticed (preoccupation) -> Death (subjection)

試探 (吸引)-> 引誘 (欺騙) -> 迷惑 (著迷) -> 死亡 (奴役)



Identifying idols – Questions to help dig


·         Who/what is my real Lord that rules over my life and determines how I live?

·       誰(或什麼)是我真正的主, 掌管我的一生並決定我該如何生活?

·         Who/what is my Judge I am living to earn the approval of?

·       誰(或什麼)是我的審判官, 我活著為要贏得他的認可?

·         Where do I give the first fruits of (the best of) my money, energy, and time?

·       我把我初熟果子(最好)的金錢, 精力, 時間, 用在哪裡?

·         What people and things take the majority of my life?

·       哪些人或事物佔去我大部分的生活?

·         I am most known for _______________.

·       別人都說我是 _______________.

·         When times get tough I usually turn to _______________.

·       當有困難時我常求助於 _______________.

·         Without _______________ life would be unbearable.

·       若沒有 _______________ 生活就變得難以忍受.

·         When I daydream, where does my mind most often go?

·       當做白日夢時, 哪裡是我心思最常停留之處?



III. Replacing Idols: Unhooked by Christ

替換我們的偶像: 藉基督掙脫

Vision: What is the ultimate purpose of Christ’s salvation? What is the Church called to be and do?

異象: 什麼是基督救恩的終極目的? 教會被呼召要成為什麼?要做什麼

Change’s destination is _______________

改變的終點是 _______________


Change’s motivation is _______________

改變的動機是 _______________


Change’s power is _______________

改變的能力是 _______________


Change’s method is _______________

改變的方法是 _______________



IV.  Case Study


Practice idol hunting on King Saul in 1 Samuel 15. What are his idols and what lies did they promise him–why did they become idols? With what should he have replaced them? How? Who could have helped?

從撒母耳上15章中試著找出掃羅王的偶像. 什麼是他的偶像而且這些偶像給他哪些錯誤的應許為什麼他們變成了偶像? 掃羅應該用什麼來取代他們? 如何做到? 誰能給他幫助?

*Ask the Holy Spirit and someone you trust to likewise examine your heart*

 * 邀請聖靈與你可以信任的人來檢視你的心