SERMON: Kingdom Freedom: The Inverse of Worry


MAIN SCRIPTURE: Matthew 6:24-34

Secondary Scripture: Judges 6:22-24; Exodus 15:16; Jeremiah 23:506; Exodus 14:13; Genesis 22:11-14; Romans 8:32

I.               Get Behind Your Worries


Jesus uses key questions to dig behind worry. It wonÕt do any good to keep worry in the abstract so be concrete as you answer the fundamental question:
What are you worried about most? Why does this worry you?


II.              Get in Front of Your Worries

As Jesus preached this message what kinds of worry plagued his original audience?

Jesus redirects our vision from ourselves to Him, from our kingdom to His Kingdom by giving us transforming initiatives which are realistic ways of deliverance from our vicious cycles. He doesnÕt just tell us to stop worrying but calls us to:



A.    Look carefully (What are we called to gaze upon?

小心注視 什麼是我們蒙召去注視的?)

B.    See (Consider) (What are we called to observe?)


C.    Seek (What are we told to desire after?)


In the doable, durable, simple way of living out the Gospel the opposite of worry is ________________________.

若要以一個可行的,持久的,又簡單的方式活出福音來,那麼憂慮的反面就是 ________________________

III.            Worship Through Your Worries


Worry is really a form of ____________________. It means IÕm worried God wonÕt fulfill my plans and come through on my dreams.  Worry is fearing God wonÕt get it right. Bitterness is believing He got it wrong.

憂慮其實是一種___________________. 它意味著我擔心神不會成就我的計劃,也不會實現我的夢想.憂慮是害怕神不會作好.苦毒是相信祂作錯了

Paul connects Abraham and Isaac to God the Father and Jesus the Son, answering our deepest worries with His ultimate sacrifice. Our response is worship. 


He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? Romans 8:32


Still worried? This week as you focus on the fact that you serve a God who died for you, what will you do with Matthew 6:33?

還在憂慮嗎?在本週中請專心思考這個事實 就是你所事奉的神為你死,那麼你對馬太福音 6:3將如何反應?