Brother Ernie

 (Translator: Chi-Cheng)

Bearing Fruit in Our Families or Those Close to Us.


One of the greatest obstacles to our bearing fruit in the lives of those close to us is..........ourselves.  How important it is that we live a consistent Christian life before them so that we will not only teach them verbally but also by our lifestyle what it is to follow the Lord.  Looking at the life of Joseph and the generations that went before in his family, we will be able to see how the shortcomings of the fathers are often passed on to the children. 

We need to be honest with ourselves and ask the Lord to search our own hearts and lives so that others will be able to see in us the character and nature of Jesus Christ.  This can't be done without the Word of God that corrects, rebukes and instructs us so that we can live exemplary lives that reflect Christ and attract people to Him.







我們需要誠實的面對自己。求主鑒察我們的心以及我們的生活,讓別人在我們身上看見耶穌基督的品格和性情。要達到這個目的,我們必須靠著神的話來糾正,責備並指教我們, 使我們能夠活出一個反照基督的生活,以致吸引人到祂面前來