Brother Ernie

 (Translator: Christine)

Joshua 14 Give Me My Mountain


Sometimes the fruit doesn't come right away.  We must be willing to wait and hold on in confidence and in faith.  Caleb did just that.  He was committed to God and believed God's Word in spite of all the obstacles and the lack of faith exhibited in others around him.  He was confident that what God had promised He was able to perform.  He also showed great courage in the face of overwhelming odds.  Because of his commitment, faith and confidence in God's Word and his courage he became more than a conqueror and was rewarded the fruit of his trust in the Lord. 

May the Lord also find us faithful and trusting in Him.  Whatever God has promised He is also able to perform.



約書亞記14章 將我的山賜給我


許多時候我們的果子不會立刻出現。我們必須願意在信心裡等候和堅持。迦勒就是這樣。儘管他周圍其他的人表現出各樣的攔阻和缺乏信心,他仍完全委身於神,相信神的話語。 他相信神所應許的神必能成就。面對極大的不可能,他表現出極大的勇氣由於他的堅持,對神話語的信心,以及他的勇氣,他不僅得勝有餘,而且因著信靠神得著了果子為獎賞